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Raphael’s The School of Athens

Philosophy is a complex concept. I believe philosophy is a combination of thinking about thinking and thinking about how our thoughts relate to reality. The three modern major branches as questions are

Giving a small tree of philosophy:

Check out a pretty cool collection of arguments. It’s a project to put some of my reasoning out in the open. This can save energy if I comment on social media about common topics. I can quickly copy and tailor my arguments for that person.

Philosophy Resources

Of course Wikipedia is still a great source.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP)

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP)

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (IEP) was founded in 1995 to provide open access to detailed, scholarly, peer-reviewed information on key topics and philosophers in all areas of philosophy. The Encyclopedia receives no funding, and operates through the volunteer work of the editors, authors, volunteers, and technical advisers.

For any philosophical concept I write about, if you want to dig deeper I suggest reading about the idea on Wikipedia, SEP, and IEP, then you’ll be an expert ;)

Crash Course Philosophy

Wireless Philosophy from Khan Academy

The Subreddit for philosophy

Philosophy bro

Cool philosophy articles

Cool quotes from philosophy and literature