Connection, Consciousness, Wisdom

This website is the open notebook of Elliott Collin Ploutz. I am a philosopher, computer scientist, and aspiring influencer. These pages are my public notes on various topics I investigate. If you’re interested in living a good life, optimizing productivity, philosophy, computer science, artificial intelligence, and making sense of this absurd universe we live in, I hope something on this site saves you time and energy.

Human Flourishing

I’ve made self-improvement a hobby. With the aim of maximizing cognitive potential, these are my notes on living well and flourishing, including topics such as mental training, proper diet, exercise, and hygiene.


I obtained a bachelors degree in philosophy from UNLV in 2012, but I’ve had an interest in philosophical ideas my whole life. In these notes, I offer good resources for learning philosophy as well as my own philosophical musings.

Artificial Intelligence

I believe artificial general intelligence should be the aim of humanity and all sentient, intelligent life. AI is a motivating force in my personal life and directs my decision making.

Computer Science

I studied computer science to learn about implementing artificial intelligence, originally working towards a PhD. I went back to UNLV for my second bachelors in 2013 and received a bachelors of science in computer science with a minor in math in 2016. After earning my masters degree from UNLV in the spring of 2018, I decided that was enough of the university student life for me. Ten years at the college level is a lot of time spent learning. In these notes, I discuss learning CS later in life without a strong background in computers and condense the information I want to retain for life. Computer science is an awe inspiring field.